Our staff

Our three residential homes; Oak House, Beech House, and Cedar House are under the direction of experienced, dedicated and caring Registered Home Managers. We have an excellent team of highly trained and dedicated carers.

Our staff are qualified and equipped to deal with Health and Social care issues. We are very professional in our approach and believe in offering the best quality of care at all times. Our staff are open to any views and suggestions to improve our service provisions for the benefit of the residents and totally committed to the ethos of “My Homelife” and the holistic needs of our residents. We are also committed to regularly review our care services and to make improvements where and when necessary.

Our staffs qualifications:

  • NVQ level 2 and 3 in Health & Social care qualified
  • Are given induction training before commencing work and natured into the workforce
  • Allowed to attend the yearly mandatory training courses
  • Are conversant with issues around caring for older people with dementia
  • We carry our regular staff supervisions and appraisals
  • Given opportunities to grow in care, share knowledge and experience and represent the organisation on a managerial level
  • Nominated for good care practices and supporting the residents
  • Trained to work with professional teams
  • Trained to act as key workers and represent the residents when necessary
  • Trained to support the residents emotionally, physically and psychologically.
  • Work closely with local GP’S and all health and social care professionals to monitor and improve the care services we deliver to older people.

In total there is over 90 staff with care and domestic responsibilities in all our 3 residential homes (Oak House, Beech & Cedar Houses). However, we all work as a team to create a friendly, homely and therapeutic, environment which we believe is essential to everyone concerned.